Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Wipe Out

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who is flat out sick of the wintery weather that is forcing most of North America into some state of hibernation, but the worst part for me is being confined to the treadmill.  I'll use it and accept it for what it is, but I always feel like crap when I'm done…not my favorite workout.

So even though we had yet another huge dumping of snow on Friday night and all day Saturday, I decided I was going to head outside for my long run.  We were up at the cottage and my Mum had offered to watch the kids.


I left the cozy cottage confines and set out.  While it wasn't quite a blizzard, we were definitely in the middle of a snow storm.  Big wet flakes were coming down in bunches.  The temperatures were right around freezing so that really wasn't too bad.  Not much wind either, so it really was a nice day for a long run, despite the snow.  The scenery was beautiful…


I was just enjoying my run so much and being outside that I decided to stop and take a few pictures.  I always run past these signs and think they're cool, but never bothered taking a picture.  There's an old Army Camp that I run along beside and there's all kinds of these signs.


Nothing like explosives and hazardous debris to keep you on your toes…hardcore running :)

I decided to take my chances and run on the beach…I hadn't been down there in a while and figured it would be pretty tranquil.  I've seen some of those California bloggers posting their beach running pictures and figured I could do it too! 


There was no sign of the lake, just huge ice flumes that looked like giant hills.  There was plenty of snow on the beach and lots of icy patches under the snow…had to really watch your footing.  Here's a picnic table that was on the beach, showing how high the snow was piled up


The tabletop was almost level with the ground!  I ran the length of the beach and took it all in, but just before I reached our beach road I lost my battle with the ice…here's the one that got me and put me on my ass.


I banged my knee pretty good, but I survived.  If there was a video I think it would have looked like this


I was less than a kilometre from home at this point and despite only being about halfway through my run, I decided to call it a day.  I figured that I was still feeling alright after my spill, but why risk further damage?  I headed back to the cozy cottage fire and just relaxed and dried out for a while.


Later that afternoon we did go down to see some of the neighbours…they had built pretty much the best snowman ever.  The wet snow was perfect for snowmen and snowball fights!  We even got in some great sledding…a fun afternoon with the kids for sure.


The snow didn't let up much but I was able to sneak out for another great run at lunch on Monday…I actually felt slow, but I surprised myself by running 7'05" miles!  I guess my legs were lying to me, and it sure was nice to run fast again…something I just can't seem to do on the treadmill.


Finally I'd like to congratulate the winner of our Fuelstrip giveaway, Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting!  Please email your contact info to us at 3cheaprunners (at) 3cheaprunners (dot) com and we will get it shipped out to you.


Who else is sick of winter?
Stupid question…I'm escaping the snow next week in Dominican Republic!

Anyone else getting in some snowy runs?
My mantra in winter conditions is "Winter Work for Spring Success"


  1. i'm glad to hear that the wipe out wasn't anything serious ... you had us all worried there for a second!

    and as for winter running? for sure the payoff is when the roads are clear and dry again and the shorts and singlet re-emerge ... until then, i'll continue to wear the "you must be crazy" mantle like a badge of honour. :) #winterwarriors

  2. I see that same sign, when I walk my dogs on the beach here in BC...Kinda crazy!

  3. Sugar Coated SheridanFebruary 5, 2014 at 11:48 AM

    I haven't been able to run throughout my pregnancy which I have just hated, but if there is one positive to it, I have NOT missed having to run on the treadmill because all this ICE crap we keep getting. I can run in snow, but me trying to navigate over ice would look exactly like your video!!

  4. I love wearing that badge! I miss my short shorts and singlets more than you know...

  5. Love it! We used to have some really cool vintage UXO signs here, but they've almost all been replaced with these ones. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Well you'll be popping that little girl out any week now, and by the time you'll be ready to run again you should be able to get outdoors! The snow isn't bad to run on, but the ice...yikes.

  7. Wow - you are incredible with your snow running!!! You know I will just stick to my treadmill. I need a beach trip in the worst way!!!

  8. Well we can send you some beach pictures next week!

  9. Heidi @ www.idlehide.comFebruary 6, 2014 at 8:00 AM

    Nice job! Sorry you had a Bambi-like encounter on the ice:/ You're a trooper, though!

  10. So nice of your mom to watch the kids so you could get a run in! Bummer about falling, done that plenty of times. I am definitely getting tired of winter, I'm ready for some warm warm warm weather and NOT having to wear a million layers while running.

  11. The only bruises were to my ego! Just glad no one saw me :)