Friday, February 14, 2014

Guest Post: I Like to Move It (Move It!)

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

While the 3CheapRunners are hammering Hurricanes on a Dominican beach, we have asked a few of our blogging buddies to handle our posts for us.  Today we have Kim from Day With KT taking over…Thanks Kim!

I feel honored to be over here with 3 super fun runners!!! Thanks for inviting me to share your space today!!!

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write about over here – running makes sense because the 3 Cheap Runners run and I like to run. But then I thought about some of my favorite foods because I’m pretty sure we all like to eat!!! And, there is always the beach because this winter has been brutal – and we aren’t even halfway through it.

So, I decided to just be me. And….


I really do like to move – someway every single day. Sure I like to run (and jump and kick and lift) but I can’t run every day anymore.

What I can do every day is make the choice to get some sort of activity and movement!!!


When I turned 43, I decided that I would try to make sure I got some form of activity every single day. I decided to pick a different exercise every day and do 43 reps (my age – no thinking required) of that exercise.


Some days, I pick relatively easy things because it is just that kind of day. Less than 5 minutes of activity can make all the difference in how I feel about myself and the day!!!

We all have days that we aren’t super motivated – maybe because we are sick or super tired. Sometimes we just want to spend the day being a slug.


It happens to everyone!! However, if you can talk yourself into 5 minutes of activity, that might turn into 15 or even 30 and you might end up feeling more energetic.

Even if you don’t want to pick a specific exercise and do 44 reps (I’ve aged since I started this!!!) – you could easily try for 5 minutes of movement every day (walking counts!!).


Do you like to move it….move it?


  1. You know I LOVE to move it Kim!! Thanks for introducing me to a great new blog and not one, but three new runners! woot woot! Keep movin' my friend - you do it well :-)

  2. I love to move it! Even at work I try to do something active.