Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Swimming Wake Up Call

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

A few weeks back I signed up for the Musselman Triathlon half ironman race and since then my training has kicked into high gear…or not.  Fair enough, I went away on vacation almost right after registering, but since getting back from my beach holiday it has been tough getting up in the morning!

My biggest weakness is the swim, so that is where I see the opportunity for the greatest improvement.We have a family membership at the local YMCA, so I have access to a pool.  So the alarm was set on Monday morning to rouse me at 5:00.  The pool opens at 5:30 and I head into work at 7:00, so there was plenty of time to get a good swim in…except I didn't.  We went out of town after my race on Sunday and weren't home until after 10 and it took me forever to fall asleep…so my bed was just far too inviting when the alarm went off.


I've had great intentions with early morning runs in the past as well that resulted in throwing the alarm clock against the wall, so this shouldn't come as a huge surprise…but it is a trend I will need to either put a quick stop to or come up with a new swim plan.  There is another Y with a pool a few blocks from my work, but it is the Centre Branch and is a bit older and (as I remember from my childhood) a bit "dank"-er.  I suppose to be fair I should actually give it a shot and not judge it on memories from 25+ years ago.  I get most of my running in at lunchtime, maybe I can try to get in some swimming then too.

Speaking of running, I've been doing pretty good getting my runs in but it feels like I'm slacking.  I'm running 3 or 4 times a week but not really getting long runs in…mostly 10K-ish stuff.  It is still pretty good but I'm just so used to putting in marathon volume that I feel like I'm slacking off.  I need to keep reminding myself that I'm not running a marathon right now!  I do want to mix in some longer runs real soon just to remind my body what it feels like, so hopefully the weather improves a bit and lets me get out there one weekend (the treadmill is just not a long run option for me).

image (4)

Ya I hate running in this stuff.  I look like a freaking bank robber.  In fact that may not even be me in that picture, you never know!  I picked up some new sunglasses the other day and got what I thought was a great deal on them.  I've been wearing Michelle's glasses for almost a year now as mine have been in need of replacement.  I have a hard time finding glasses that I like though, so was happy to find a good pair at a good price.  I ended up getting these Oakley Jawbones for $100 (regular price was $260) so I was pleased with that deal.  They also come with two sets of lenses and are great for cycling and running.  They were actually the glasses of choice on the Tour de France a couple years ago, so that's a decent endorsement.  I think the reason these ones were so discounted was because they are the Livestrong edition…fine with me though.  I like the yellow and black colour scheme, I certainly support Cancer research and for all the awful things Lance Armstrong did, he finally came clean (ya I know…when he really had no choice).


On my to-do list for today, I need to get Michelle and I both signed up for the Forest City Road Race, which takes place April 27.  FCRR is the biggest race in our town and we both ran it last year.  I'm going to do the half marathon again, and Michelle just needs to settle on her distance.  She did the 10K last year, but I'm wondering if she might give the half a shot this year.


Are you brand-loyal with your sunglasses?
I've only ever worn Oakley for any sport

Do you still despise Lance Armstrong or have you decided to move on?
I hate what he did, but I've moved on.  Seems like everyone on the Tour was cheating back then, but the bullying is what made it so bad.


  1. So awesome you are doing the half ironman! I have a lot of tri-loving friends. I can't say I will ever train for one but I am always in awe of all of their training!! Good luck! Oh you do look like a bank robber in that pic :-) Hilarious.

  2. Swimming is my weakest too, I really need to be better about getting in the pool more often. Read: I haven't been in at all lately.

    As for Lance, I don't like what he did obviously but at the same time I think I have just moved on. In society today I feel like so many pro athletes are doing the same things but he got caught. Like I said, I don't approve of it but it's common practice these days, which is pretty crappy.

  3. Looks like a nice facility where your pool is. I'm very impressed with your running in the crazy temps. It will make nice weather runs seem like no big deal. I have a triathlon on my bucket list and swimming is what I need to work on in order to get there.

  4. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comFebruary 27, 2014 at 3:48 PM

    I got Oakleys for Christmas. It was my first time trying them since I had never done a sport that required sunglasses until running. So far I love them!

  5. Well maybe if I actually started some training you could be in awe of it haha

  6. So sad that's what it has come to. I feel bad for all the clean athletes that get painted with the same brush just because of the era they were competing in.

  7. Ya it's a nice place Heidi, just opened a few years ago. It's the YMCA, community centre and library all in one place.
    You gotta give a tri a shot, they're lots of fun!

  8. Just seeing the picture of you all bundled up to run in the bitter cold and snow made my core temp drop - you are hardcore, I'm a wimp!!
    I only wear sunglasses when I drive or layout - Brighton.
    And, it was hard for me to hate Lance Armstrong because I liked him for so long.

  9. It has been another really cold week here Kim, getting real old.
    Gotta be hard for a Texas girl to hate on a fellow Texan...I hear ya