Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's in my Gymbag?

Posted by Anonymous

The countdown is on!! 3 more days of work and 5 more sleeps til vacation time!

Bright and early Tuesday morning, the 3cheaprunners are on a jet plane to this paradise!


That being said, I came across this little workout that I thought would be great for doing while away.


So, what does one need in their gym bag for a successful visit to the gym? Here is what I have been toting lately.

First, and foremost, are the essentials. Clothing!


Most of my workout/running clothes are from Lululemon. I have tried several other brands and keep coming back to good ol’ faithful. They never let me down.

Lulu doesn’t have these crops right now, but they are similar to these Pace crops.

Tank top is the cool racerback , that they always carry in an array of colours.

Sports bra is Champion from Target and these are my favorite!

Shoes and socks are also very important.


Shoes are Saucony Kinvara 3’s. I have 4 pairs of the 3’s and 1 pair of the 4’s currently in my rotation of shoes! But them on sale from Running Warehouse. Love these shoes. 5’s come out May 1st-can’t wait!!

Socks are from Wal-mart and were a lovely Christmas present from Mike and Michelle.

Of course some entertainment of some sort and some miscellaneous necessities.


iPod Shuffle, which is currently ill and I think its life is over!!

Nike Plus running watch. I don’t use this when I run on the treadmill but I usually have it in my bag, just in case I can run outside. That is not happening at all lately!

Head band and hair elastics-both are goody brand from Wal-mart! Definitely an essential for this gal’s mop!

Then there is the clean-up and go products!


Victoria Secret Body Spray (Pure Seduction).

Face wipes


Sometimes, I can’t go straight home after the gym, so I do a quick splash bath and go. Not ideal but it does the temporary trick.

Lastly, is something to throw all these things in!


Is it surprising that it is a Lululemon bag!! These bags are great for a gym bag!

Well, that is all folks! Not too much stuff eh?

Other than the essentials, What can you not do without for a workout?

Do you prefer working out on your own or at the gym?


  1. Ahh! Your vacation spot looks MARVELOUS!



  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comFebruary 6, 2014 at 3:18 PM

    Your hotel room workout is brilliant! I need to remember than for whenever I travel. Haha I agree, shoes and socks are important. One time I forgot to pack socks for my run after work. I thought I could get away with my thin ankle socks...enter- blisters.

  3. Doesn't it look so inviting?!?!

  4. I have tried to go without socks before when I have forgotten them. Not such a great idea lol

  5. Totally with you on the love of Target Champion sports bras, they are the best and so affordable. And we all know i love Saucony Kinvaras! I pretty much have the same things in my gym bag as you, depending on the day I guess. I like working out at the gym, I go to a really nice one and it makes you WANT to work out more, but sometimes it is nice to workout at home and just blast the music (not in headphones) and not worry as much about what I am wearing (read: usually a heck of a lot less clothing).

  6. I agree Laura, that is def an advantage to working out at home. I saw your new Kinvara4's and those are the ones I have. Love them.

  7. Enjoy your vacation! Love the workout idea, too!

  8. Thanks! We will do our best :)

  9. I have one of those lulu bags! Also those little wipes sure do come in handy. Have a great weekend girl!!

  10. Michelle got me those face wipes! They are the best. Thanks Chelsea. You have a great weekend too!

  11. i cannot stand the gym. i used to be a big gymrat but not sure if it's age or what but i hate everything about the gym - the fact that it's crowded, i have to wait for the weights/equipment, humans etc. i workout in my home gym and it has everything i need PLUS my own cozy, clean, comfortable shower :)

    Vodka and Soda

  12. I def would have to after with you Kathy!!