Friday, June 21, 2013

The Single Dad Life

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

With Michelle off in Florida for work, I am stuck at home alone with the kids.  I remember years ago when Michelle first started her business trips and I thought, "This is great!  I'll get to live the single life for a few days!".  It didn't take long for me to find out that there is a world of difference between the single life and the single dad life.  But don't feel sorry for me (not that any of you were), I know what to expect now when Michelle is gone and I have lots of help available to me if I need it.  For example, I am lucky enough with my job that I can work from home a few days a week which allows me to keep Jackson at home as well.  Then on the days that I need to be in the office, my Mum has been nice enough to take Jackson overnight as the babysitter is right around the corner from her, saving me an early morning drive across town.

The kids like the chance to hang just with Dad too…we got to go for dinner the other day at their favourite place.

Big Mac for K, Happy Meal for J and coffee for Dad

I've still been able to get my runs in this week and I'm currently on a streak of 9 straight days.  I was telling CRR the other day that I actually feel better now than the first couple runs, almost like I've caught my second wind.  I commented that the "runner's high" you get is so tough to shake, and even when you know you should be taking your rest day you can't bear the thought of not running.  My run yesterday was my fastest in a few weeks and I am running pain free again which is awesome.

Tempus Fugit  "Time Flies" -- and so do I!

The only complaint I have had was a little pinkie toe pain on my last run…and here's what I discovered when I got my shoes off back at home.

The Bloody Sock -- Curt Schilling eat your heart out

I'll spare you the picture of my cracked and bloodied toenail…#runnerproblems.  I managed to get over this "injury" though with the help off Margarita Night at Kelsey's.

Margaritas in Guinness pint glasses = extra yum

So I guess that the single dad life isn't as bad as it could be…I really can't complain as I have great people around me to not only ease the load, but also to share good times with as well.  I'll be packing the kids (and the Jeep) up after work today and we'll be off to the cottage for the weekend.  My dad even offered to watch the kids for a couple hours when I go for my long run, which was a nice surprise! I'm looking to get in a good 28-30K run, so wish me luck.

And keep rocking those #plankadays folks!  We love seeing all the progress and commitment from everyone on Instagram.

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