Thursday, June 20, 2013

Do as I do, and waiting really sucks

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

As a parent there are many life lessons I wish to instil in my children, and more and more I realize just how closely they watch and listen to everything I do. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle is something that is tres important, as I want to arm them with skills now at a young age, so that they don't struggle with this area of their life later on.

Teaching them to make balanced and healthy food choices and choosing to stay active is something I want them to decide to do on their own, so that they don't feel like they are being "made" to do it.

So what do I want for them??? I want them to do as I do. I love when my 4 year old son will ask for a salad for lunch or when my 10 year old daughter wants to go for a run/bike/rollerblade everyday after school. Through watching Mike and I, and watching the way we decide to nourish or bodies and keep it strong through exercise - they are learning a very important life skill without even realizing it. Hearing them ask how my exercise was this morning ('cause they know I go to the gym 3 mornings a week before they get out of bed) - makes me so happy that they think to ask that as if it's just "normal" and that's what you do, as opposed to asking "why" would I want to go or asking Mike or I how our run was...or wanting to join in with us when we do our #plankaday...or joining us when we do a workout video at home...I think we are doing something right as they are choosing on their own to do as we do.

Last year Mike and I decided to tackle our first the time the fall rolled around...the kids wanted to do one as well

And this year they have both really enjoyed running races as well

As a mother this does my heart well, knowing that they are learning by example and choosing to make it a part of what they want to do in their life as well...while enjoying themselves!

Look what K won this week at her track and field day - so proud of her!!!


If you follow me on IG then you know I am in Florida for the next few days for work...this is pretty much what I did all day on Wednesday

Sat around at the our flight was over 3 hours delayed, so we did not end up arriving into Fort Lauderdale and to our hotel until about 1:30am...sucky long day with plenty of screaming children for 3 hours on the flight (and no...they were not my children)...but I guess the wait was worth it for this view

I'll be heading to Fort Myers later tonight, while my 2 fellow CheapRunners will be heading out for a nacho/margarita date...cheers and enjoy...wish I could be there...




  1. Sugar Coated SheridanJune 20, 2013 at 9:09 AM

    I feel the same way about teaching my baby boy the same things and I think we have the exercise part down (he LOVES to run and play outside just as fast and as hard as he can) but making smart food choices is harder...We're still working on that one :)

  2. So cool that your kids are participating in races and some of the same activities y'all do!!!
    Picture from Florida looks awesome - I wish I were on a beach (all the time)!!

  3. Congratulations on being such a great parent! You're children are most definitely a reflection of you, and you should be proud! We are all taught the basics of life at a young age, whether we realize it or not. Your important on a healthy active lifestyle for them is incredible!

  4. luckly he's still young...and runs it
    J does alot better with his food choices then K...she is definatly the more "picky" of the 2 of them

  5. Me too!!! The beach is totally my happy place

  6. It's definately about finding a balance - and encouraging them to do the things that they love and are passionate about...and if it's running - then that's a bonus!

  7. I really can't complain - even when I travel with my kiddos - they are excellent travellers (except for the one time when J was 1.5...not a fun flight home...)

  8. I love how your kiddos think it's totally normal for you guys to workout. I even read this to Lu and she agreed! It's a shame not many kids grow up like that. Cheers to you & Mike!