Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Countdown to Holiday Time!

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Only three more days until my summer holidays YAY! I'll be off all next week and will be spending the week up at the cottage with the kids. It will nice and relaxing and our days will be filled with fun and good times with each other...though I'm sure Kennedy will be off playing with her friends the whole time (the busy social life of a 10-year old girl).

Morning coffee on the front quiet time

The kids love going up to Sunset Point, where the Kettles are located. They grab their water shoes and we all head out into the water as far as we can, hopping from rock to rock.

Making our way out one rock at a time

There are a few great Kettles up on the Point that the kids love climbing up on as well.

Up on a Kettle

It's also strawberry season and the market up at the corner is well stocked.

Fresh picked Ontario Strawberries...yum!

There's also bound to be plenty of time spent down at the beach swimming and playing in the sand...while Dad relaxes with his book.

Life's a Beach

So pretty much the plan will be to tire the kids out as best as I can so that Dad can crack a few beers and take it easy. I love to just sit on the porch and read when I'm on vacation, it is definitely my favourite way to decompress. There's sure to be lots of barbecuing, campfires and music as just can't beat the cottage for nice, quiet vacation.


I had a great week of training last week, with my highest mileage total yet. I ran 88km (55 miles) and I came through it all pain-free, despite melting in the 97 degree humidity for my long run. There hasn't been much relief this week either as the humidity hasn't relented at all.

How do you guys like to spend your time on holidays?

Anyone else have vacation time coming up?


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