Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day

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Father's Day is a day to honour and celebrate our Dads! They play an important role in the family and in turn society!

As I thought about saying a few words about my Dad today--I thought, how can I say a few words that do justice to all the years of love and strength that he gave us??

There are many things and stories I could tell about my dad but for today I want to mention 2 of the greatest things about him that have impacted my life!

My dad is someone who taught, mostly silently, by leading an example. Over the years he has been an example of strength, honour and integrity.  Although life has not always panned out the way he thought was best he has not wavered in his Faith, Beliefs and dedication to the important things in life.  This to me is huge, something I strongly admire in him and has played a role in who I am as a person today.

He also liked to teach us lessons through "object lessons". From a very young age, I remember him teaching us life lessons this way.  One day, I remember him sitting me down and trying to get me to understand the importance of sticking to a job through to its completion.  I must have had a short attention span or something.  I really liked stickers and had quite the collection of them.

He asked me if I preferred the sticky ones or the ones that kept falling out of my sticker book.  Of course, I said, I liked the sticky ones.  This was his way of teaching me to "stick" to a job.  I still have A.D.D. a very short attention span and I think of this lesson often, and it helps me stay committed to the job. Thanks Dad!

Growing up with our dads, we can take for granted the role that they have in our lives as we are around them all the time and don't realize the importance of them.  As an adult I have come to realize how much they contribute to who we are as adults. I am truly grateful for my dad and the example he has been and the lessons he has taught me over the years! I look forward to spending some time with him on Sunday to celebrate Father's Day!

To all you Fathers out there-HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

We are now on day 14 of the #plankaday challenge for June!   Who's doing it?

This is my longest plank of the month so far.  My goal is to reach over 6 minutes by the end of the month.  Guess I better keep planking on!

Who is celebrating Father's Day this weekend?

Any Father's Day races?



  1. Sugar Coated SheridanJune 14, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    I have been blessed with the most fabulous father in the whole world and I can't wait to celebrate with him this weekend!! Your planking is killing me!!

  2. That's wonderful! My planking is killing me too!

  3. Well said Rhoda!:)♡

  4. Thanks Miriam.