Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Piling Up the Miles

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Boy my legs are getting tired…

I am in a stretch of training now where the miles are coming fast and furious.  Mid-week runs are up in the 9 mile range (which is a lot for me during the week) and the intensity of the runs isn't letting up either.  Couple that with some crazy weather which saw me wear shorts and short sleeves on Monday, then bundled up like Nanook with my snow shoes on Thursday and then wearing shorts again for my long run Sunday.  I am proud to say I still managed to get out and run every day.

photo 1

My long run Sunday saw me get in 16 miles and they were TOUGH.  It was what this plan is all about, running on tired legs.  I was about 10K into my run and I could feel the fatigue my legs had built up through the week.  As much as it sucked, I was actually glad to be running like that…it really does feel like that last 10 miles of the marathon.  It wasn't fun, but I powered through and finished while holding to my marathon pace…despite being stupid and adding a massive hill at the end of my route (for Londoners, it was the Commissioners Road hill in Byron going up to the Oxford extension…ouch.)  I climbed 622 feet overall and man did I feel it…glad the only hills at Disney are the highway on-ramps!

photo 4

The weekend wasn't all running though…Friday night was me and the kids as Michelle was out at hockey with her mom.  They celebrated the end of Movember at school that day and Jackson was happy to show off his mustache.

photo 2

He should have thrown on his Tigers hat and he could be a mini Tom Selleck!  We ended up going out for dinner and then headed back home as Kennedy was off for a sleepover at her friend's house.

Saturday after I got back from my run it was time to start getting the house into Christmas mode, so the kids and I dug out the decorations and set up the tree.  Needless to say it made Michelle's weekend.

photo 3

I also got my hands on Jackson's letter to Santa (put together with the help of his sister)…so if you need ideas for him, here it is

photo 5

I was able to surprise him after school yesterday with a personalized video from Santa himself…you can make your own here.  It was lots of fun and he has been watching it over and over.

Is your house decorated for Christmas yet?

When does your Christmas Tree go up?


  1. Yep - all decorated for Christmas here!! We usually put ours upon Thanksgiving weekend but this year we did it a week early - love enjoying all the lights and trees!!

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