Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kennedy, Mme. Butterfly

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Busy busy around here, but just about ready for Christmas!  I got out after work and finished up my shopping (in fairness I only have one person to buy for) and this evening I'll be wrapping it all up…I hate wrapping presents, ugh.

This past Friday Kennedy had her first ever swim meet!  She has been swimming with the Y Torpedoes this Fall and Friday was their year-end meet.  Kennedy raced in both the 50m Butterfly and the 100m Freestyle.  Unfortunately the two events were back-to-back, so she was gassed for the 100m, which is her strongest event.  She did well though and I think she had a good time (at least she says she did!).  Here's her 50m Butterfly, she's the second swimmer from the top…

That is one tough stroke and she did a great job…she even took 9 seconds off of her previous best.  Afterwards there were medals for all the kids and then her and Jackson were off to their cousins' house for a sleepover (Kennedy's cousin was at the meet as well).

photo 1

The running has been going really well this past week as I had my "peak week" mileage-wise.  A couple 8-milers, a pair of 10-miler workouts and capped off with 21 miles on Saturday for a total of 72 miles/115km.  The paces were quick all week too, I even got my Thursday Tempo run in at a sub-4 kilometre pace!

photo 3

Just one more reason I can't wait for Christmas…Christmas Day will be my first rest day since Nov 22.  Yesterday's run was 30 days in a row (and 42 of the last 43 days)…I get to taper starting next week though as the WDW Marathon is right around the corner Smile

And I guess I will close on a Christmas note as well…how adorable is this Christmas craft Jackson made at school?  Love it!

photo 2

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great holiday! Check back next week when I'll have my 2014 Year in Running review.


  1. and a merry christmas to you, michelle, kennedy and jackson mike!

    now, how do you get away with (a) running everyday since nov 22 and still following the Hansons Marathon Method, and (b) run everyday since nov 22 and still knock off a sub-4 min./km tempo run?!?

  2. Thanks Patrick, Merry Christmas to you and your clan as well! May the Peace of Jesus be with you all :)
    If you read the Hansons plan you will see that it calls for 6 days a week of running with a rest day on Wednesday...the book also says that you can do an optional easy run on Wednesdays if you like, and lately I have taken them up on it. How my legs have managed to hold up this past month...well that's a mystery to me too! If I had any real signs of fatigue I would allow myself a day off, but it's been so far so good. I think you'll really enjoy Hansons, you'll be amazed at the strength increase you'll see!

  3. Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!! Love the photos!