Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Do you ever feel like you are going to float away?

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

It's no secret that I am NOT a water (drinking) lover. I just don't like regular 'ol plain water...this isn't something new...I have never actually cared for it. But a few weeks ago, I started cutting out artificial sweeteners (aka aspartame)...so that means no more Crystal Light (aka the only way I was drinking water). It certainly has not been easy for me, and sometimes I need to just close my eyes and chug away.


In addition to starting to drink water I am also challenging myself to drink a min of 100oz a day...so I literally have a water bottle in my hand all the time these days...lol


In reading up on how important water is I came across some interesting info...like the difference between bottled water and tap water


Studies show...


Times we need to make sure we are keeping ourselves hydrated


If we don't get enough, how it can effect us


So I guess I'll keep plugging away and tracking my water intake...if in the end it's going to help me be a healthier version of myself!



Do you "like" water?

What's your favourite drink?
...shocker I know...dt.coke


  1. Kerry @cookcleanrundreamDecember 9, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    I liked the comparison between bottled and tap water. I drink tap water at home pretty much 99% of the time. I think all the time it tastes okay I'm totally fine with it. I also read somewhere that whenever you get water out of a soda machine (i.e. gas station, Target cafe, etc) that it's guaranteed to be filtered? So I actually rarely buy bottled water. I do like to drink water. But here's the trick in my opinion. Get used to drinking water without ice! I know .. oh .. the horror. However, once you're used to it you can drink water much more quickly and get your ounces in. Good luck!

  2. michelle, it's been about four years now since i kicked my 'one coke per day' habit and went exclusively to water as my go-to drink for the entire day ... and i've never looked back! mostly it was because i'm too cheap to go back to forking out for a whole case of pop, but i've never felt better!

  3. I actually LOVE water!! I drink ice water all day long (in a bubba keg) and it is tap water 99% of the time.
    If the water is not ice cold then I don't enjoy it.