Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Race Weekend!

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Time for another race!  This weekend brings us to the biggest race on the London scene, the Forest City Road Races.  The longest distance offered is the half marathon and I will be running it along with both Michelle and my Mum.


I'm not really sure what I am looking for going into the race…I had been hoping to break 1:25 a couple of weeks ago at the Run for Retina and finished in just over 1:23.  I have raced both Retina and FCRR the last few years and have always fared better at FCRR, but it will be tough bettering my Retina time.  I'm just going to go out and run as hard as I can and see where that gets me…hopefully we have a nice day for it and everything clicks!  Once the race is done I am officially into triathlon season, so I'd like to give all I've got for this one.

Speaking of the weather, it's been crazy as always around here.  Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous and I managed to get out for my first outdoor ride of the year.  It felt so good to be out there and breathe real air while riding and actually move instead of just spinning my wheels on the trainer.  On the other hand, I forgot how much hills, wind and traffic suck.

photo 6

After I finished up my ride, it was time for biking round two.  Michelle, Jackson and I set off for the park on our bikes and I tricked Jackson into going to a new park a bit further away.  We had a pretty decent hill to climb along the way but he handled it like a champ.  After a bit of play time at the park we turned back home, but I managed to get a Starbucks pit stop in on the way.

photo 2

The weather wasn't meant to last though, and we were back to freezing temperatures and even had some snow by midweek.  I almost even put my tights back on for my run yesterday!  I decided against it though as I was going to do one last tempo before my race and figured I warm up enough by going fast…in the end it wasn't so bad.

The wind has been pretty wicked here lately too.  I felt sorry for all my pals running Boston on Monday as that wind and rain and cold combo is one that does me in every time.  Congrats to all you Boston runners; I plan on joining your ranks in 2016!

We'll be heading up to the cottage tonight after Michelle finishes work so that we can just have some nice quiet time before coming back to town for FCRR.  Hopefully it isn't too cold tonight so that we can get out and sit around the campfire.

photo 3

Maybe if it is too cold I convince my Dad to find us some burniture to heat things up a bit Winking smile

photo 4

Either way, some nice relaxing time up at the cottage sounds like just the thing I need right now…all I need to do is make it through the work day!

Hope everyone has a great weekend in store…I'll be back next week to let you know how the race went!  Cheers friends…


  1. rooting for you always, mike! go kill it out there at the FCRR! i see 1:21:xx!

  2. Backatcha Patrick...pulling for you at Waterloo!

  3. Good luck on your race - I'm sure you are going to be close to 1:20!!!