Monday, January 12, 2015

22 hours and a trip to Boston

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

I'm still alive!!! Actually that's just what I've been doing these last few weeks since I last checked in with ya'll. It's been nice to not worry about technology or blogging and just spend time with my loved ones. So I thought I'd just do a little recap of life lately, and what we've been up to.

The holidays started with the kids and I baking on Christmas Eve. They had such a good time. I don't like to have baking in the house (I think for obvious reasons), but I knew the kids love baking, and don't get to really ever do it, and we were having people over that it meant that we could share and not be stuck with all the treats.

Then we moved on to Christmas...needless to say we were all very spoiled, and were unwrapping presents literally all day. Both of our families are in town, so luckily that means for us, no real travel involved around the holidays.

I got spin shoes for Christmas!!! I luv them - and everyone told me that I would notice such a difference with then, and it's true, it really does make for a much smoother ride, and really connects you to the bike.

I went with the kids (my niece and nephew as well as my two), my mom and my sister to our local theatre to see Shrek the musical, and it was fantastic. It was all the kids first time to something like that, and they were all so well behaved, and just really enjoyed the experience! It so fun to be able to share in these experiences with them.

After Christmas our (Mike and I) have just really been focused on and looking forward to our trip to Florida for Disney marathon weekend. We arrived in Florida on Friday around noon, we headed to the race expo to pick up Mike's bib, and then for our first night here we were staying with my Aunt and Uncle so we headed to their place. We enjoying a nice visit and an evening of card games with them.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed out for just a little (and for Mike very easy) run. After breakfast we headed to our resort to check in and head to Magic Kingdom for a bit. The park was packed, but while standing in line and will call to pick up our season passes, we were able to book fast passes for some rides we wanted to do - so once we headed into the park, we did those and then headed out to for dinner. Saturday night was an early night for us, as we wanted to be in bed for 8:30pm. Sunday morning the alarm went off at 2:15am and we were up and at 'em for the day. We headed to the buses (to take us to the marathon) at 3am. After hanging around there for a while, Mike decided to head off to his corral, so I headed off to my first viewing station...the mile 4 mile marker.

I had some time to kill and had packed my breakfast so I found a spot to sit and have a little early morning picnic. Once the race started I was able to see Mike at mile 4, around mile 8 and then a again just before the finish.

I'm sure he'll be sharing with you all real soon about his race, he was a rockstar and finished in 2:58:20 and 52 out of 26,000. So proud of him!!!! After showering and a wander around downtown Disney, we headed to the parks for the day (and a special post race dinner that I'll let Mike share with you). We made the most of the day and closed Magic Kingdom down. Needless to say we are getting a later start then we anticipated this morning...and are counting down the hours to our massages at the spa tomorrow morning!!!

Hope you're all having a great Monday...and Jackson wants to show you all his new party trick

So what have you been up to lately?


  1. hope you're all having a great time michelle ... i've no doubt that mike is! (although, is he walking a bit funny today ...? #DOMS) :)

  2. So awesome! I know Mike is ecstatic about that BQ!!

  3. Fun to catch up! Enjoy the rest of your time in Florida - hope it's nice and warm!!! Can't wait to hear all about Mike's race - awesome time and place!!!